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HANA CNG Reducer H6009-1/2/3

With High Pressure Sol. valve

HANA CNG Reducer H6009 is a Dual stage CNG vacuum system reducer.
It is approved in accordance with the European Regulation ECE R110 and can be easily installed in all vehicles, allowing flow control and decompression.
It has a water circulation system to decompress the high pressure of 250bar introduced into the inlet end to 1.2 ~ 6.5bar and supply latent heat due to sudden pressure drop.
Gauges or pressure sensor can be installed with solenoid valves and are available in 12V and 24V specifications according to engine size.
The H6009 Reducer is suitable for up to 254kW (340HP) engines.

  • Two stages reducer for CNG vacuum systems
  • Compact Design
  • Adjustable outlet pressure
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Model No. H6009
Type of reducer CNG Regulator
Working pressure 1st stage 5 ~ 7bar 14.5 ~ 16bar
Working pressure 2nd stage 1.2~1.8bar 6 bar ± 0.5
Input pressure 250bar
Dimension 160*84*84
Weight 1,410g
Body Aluminum
Heating liquid of circuit of the engine cooling
Power Supply 12V d.c. / 24V d.c.
Certification E8-110R-005020-00
Gas inlet ø6
Gas outlet ø12 / ø16
Vacuum nipple ø5
Water nipple ø12 / ø16
Temperature -20 °C ~ 120°C


– Gauge and sensor can be used in combination

CNG Reducer H6009-2
(with pressure guage)

CNG Reducer H6009-3
(with sensor)