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HANA H2005

for passenger cars

HANA H2005 is HANA’s latest injector. This injector is one of the few detachable injectors on the market that can be freely assembled or disassembled on the lower nipple. In the event of a defect, it is possible to quickly respond by replacing the internal injector parts and thorough cleaning, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the product. This achieves a zero defect rate. It has been developed and tested to ensure high performance and precise fuel supply, and we guarantee the best performance and reliability including features such as low noise level, heat resistance, durability, etc. as it has the same high quality as the H2000 Series.

H2005 injectors are available in two types, BLUE (AA type) and GOLD (A type), depending on flow characteristics.

  • Single and Rail Mount (2, 3, 4 Cylinder Rails) – Top Feed
  • AMP superseal 2 way Connector [AMP 282104-1]
  • Flow rate control by calibrating nozzles(B, C, D nozzles) – GOLD type
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Model No. H2000, H2001, H2003, H2005
Item Top Feed Type
Voltage DC 12V
Resistance (Ω) 1.3Ω 1.9Ω
Opening Time 2.1ms 2.16ms 2.64ms
Closing Time 1.2ms
Flow Rate
AA-Type 130
A-Type 120 120
B-Type 90 90
C-Type 75 75
D-Type 65 65
Control current peak & hold 4A / 2A
Operation Pressure (gauge) 1.2 bar
Max. Open Pressure 5 bar 3 bar
Operating Temperature -40 °C ~ 120°C
Engine size 3, 4 cylinder
Operating Gas LPG / CNG / LNG
Fuel Gasoline
Size Φ12 / Φ16


– It can be used in 2, 3, or 4-cylinder version depending on the rail combination.
– RAIL ASSEMBLY: Metal rail / Plastic rail

Metal rail assembly

Plastic rail assembly


Model Type
H2000 Existing Connector [KET MG640543-5]
H2001 AMP superseal 2 way [AMP 282104-1]
H2003 Keihin type Connector [Sumitomo 6189-0553]

Flow graph

H2001 Inj operational durability time & flow rate data

Condition: DC 12V, 4A / 2A 1.2bar, 3000rpm