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HANA H2100

Big flow injector for VAN and Heavy Trucks

HANA H2100 is an injector with a high flow rate specification. High flow rates (250-473L) are suitable for high-power engines or heavy-duty truck engines over 3000 cc. The H2100 injector is designed for 12V and 24V and can only be supplied in GOLD (nozzle mountable) type.
Internal design improvements have resulted in 1.2 m short injector opening and closing times, with excellent flow controllability and a wide stability range.
There is a single type injector that can be used by connecting a gas hose directly to the injector, and a rail type injector that can be used in combination with a rail.

  • Single and Rail Mount (2, 3, 4 Cylinder Rails) – Top Feed
  • KET Existing Connector [KET MG640543-5]
  • Flow rate control by calibrating nozzles(B, C, D nozzles) – GOLD type
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Model No. H2100
Item Top Feed Type
Voltage DC 12V DC 24V
Resistance (Ω) 1.4Ω
Opening Time 2.92ms 1.2ms
Closing Time 1.2ms
Flow Rate
A-Type 175 378 ~ 473
B-Type 150 320 ~ 410
C-Type 250 ~ 328
Control current peak & hold 5.5A / 2.5A 7.5A / 2.5A
Operation Pressure (gauge) 1.2 bar 5 bar ~ 8 bar
Max. Open Pressure 6 bar  12 bar
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ 120°C
Engine size 3, 4 cylinder
Operating Gas LPG / CNG / LNG
Fuel Gasoline Diesel
Inlet Size Φ12 / Φ16


Model Type
H2100 Existing Connector [KET MG640543-5]

Flow graph

H2100 1.2 bar specification Inj time & flow rate data

DC 12V, 5.5A / 2.5A, 1.2bar, 3000rpm

H2100 6bar 사양 Inj time & flow rate data

DC 24V, 7.5A / 2.5A, 6bar, 1400rpm