As a global leader in the CNG and LPG injector market, HANA has a product configuration that can be
applied to vehicles with varying flow characteristics from passenger vehicles to heavy trucks.
Please check the product that best suits your needs.

HANA H2001

Rail & Single type

HANA H2000

Rail & Single type

HANA H2003

Rail & Single type

HANA H2005

Rail & Single type

HANA rail 3cyl. & 4cyl.

H2000 & H2001 & H2003

HANA H2002

LPG/CNG 3cyl. & 4cyl.

HANA H2100

Rail & Single type

HANA H2200

Rail – L & E type


HANA’s CNG and LPG Reducers developed a model that can be applied to all vehicles worldwide
through a rigorous test that fulfills our technology, know-how, and optimal requirements.
As a component of the injection system and DDF system, our reducers are also being exported worldwide, and it has a small and compact design,
which makes it easy to install inside the vehicle.

CNG Reducer H6009

Without Solenoid valve

CNG Reducer H6009-1/2/3

With Solenoid valve

LPG Reducer H6006

Without Solenoid valve

LPG Vaporizer H6001

With Solenoid valve


HANA’s Solenoid Valves are used to control the flow of the fuel more accurately and quickly.
By using the highest quality parts, we provide our customers with a durable and safe product.

Automatic Solenoid valve H6101

CNG High Pressure Sol. valve

Single Solenoid valve H1400

LPG Sol. Valve

Duty Solenoid valve H1200

LPG Sol. valve


HANA has a wide range of parts and accessories needed for gas vehicles.

Rail distributor

Aluminum & Plastic rail assy

Filling unit H6102

Pressure gauge

Gas Filter