We will repay our customers by developing the world’s best automotive
GAS parts and system configuration.



We will do our best to maintain the trust of our customers by having the best quality and core technology.
HANA has acquired the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, securing our quality system, and responds to the needs of the global after market and OEM customers through our continuous technological development and process improvement.

We have met stringent foreign regulations from the ISO 15500 Quality Certification to the ECE 67R & 100R, Australia Certification, Colombia Certification, etc. through the approval of all countries. We carry out inspections in all our production lines, components, and manufactured goods to make sure that they are performing their function 100%.
As a supplier specializing in exports, we have fulfilled the strict regulations through the aforementioned certificates and patents.
For product certifications, please refer to our product page.

PATENT Injector 20-0462479 2012.09.06
10-1200791 2012.11.07
10-1220323 2013.01.03
HAHA LOGO 40-0796992 2009.09.04
I S O ISO 9001:2015 15138 / 15712 2003.07.31
ECE-67R LPG Injector Ass’y E4-67R-010214 H2000 2008.12.17
E9-67R-011018 PH2001-4Cyl 2015.11.20
E9-67R-011025 H2004-4Cyl 2015.05.13
Injector E4-67R-010213 H2000 / H2001 2008.12.17
E11-67R-010086 EG2000 2011.10.24
E11-67R-010256 H2002 2013.01.17
E11-67R-010251 H2100 2012.01.05
E9-67R-011045 H2005 2018.11.22
Vaporizer E8-67R-015316 Mixer Type 2009.08.04
E11-67R-010254 Injection 2013.03.07
E.C.U E11-67R-010252 H3800 2012.06.21
E9-67R-011016 H3900 2014.04.23
ECE-110R CNG Injector Ass’y  E9-110R-011075 PH2001-4Cyl 2015.11.20
E9-110R-011084 H2004-4Cyl 2015.05.13
Injector E8-110R-004686 H2000,H2001,EG2000 2007.08.28
E11-110R-000516 H2002 2013.10.17
E11-110R-000501 H2100 2012.01.05
E11-110R-000143 H2200 2011.10.14
E9-110R-021129 H2005 2018.11.22
Regulator E8-110R-005020 Injection 2008.09.03
E11-110R-000090M LC2201 2011.01.18
Automatic solenoid valve E4-110R-000148 H6101 2008.09.16
Filling Unit E4-110R-000147 H6102 2008.09.16
E.C.U E11-110R-000507 H3800 2012.06.21
E9-110R-011069 H3900 2014.04.23
ECE-10R Injector E9-10R-041348 H2001 2014.05.28
E.C.U E11-10R-047642 H3800 2012.06.21
ISO 15500-7 Injector HK / 13110112 H2001,2002 2013.11.22
icontec Injector CSR-CER587379 H2001 2018.02.09