Free repair or exchange

In case of malfunction due to a manufacturing defect

24 months of warranty

Up to 24 months of warranty from the date of manufacture (Lot No.)

H2001 injector quality assurance

Within 24 moths or within 60,000km


The HANA EMS Co., Ltd. limited warranty described in this document applies to the purchaser of the HANA injector directly from the company, and guarantees that the product is manufactured through a strict quality control and inspection process. The injectors produced by HANA EMS Co., Ltd. are guaranteed according to the following warranty based on the Lot No. specified in each product.

[1] Warranty Contents
Under the condition that the injector has been properly maintained and used after being purchased, and the technical analysis shows that there is a product failure due to the defective material that constitutes the product or due to a manufacturing defect, then the corresponding part will be repaired or replaced free of charge as long as it is within the warranty period or guaranteed mileage.

[2] Warranty Period
The warranty period shall be regarded as the expiration of the warranty period, measured by the duration from the date of shipment, or the distance mileage, whichever comes first.
It is usually 18 months from installation date. However, if it is difficult to determine the installation date, then 24 months from the date of manufacture (Lot No.) will be applied.

■ H2001 injector: Within 24 months or within 60,000 km

[3] Situations excluded from warranty
1. If the warranty period has lapsed. (Defect due to failure to follow designated replacement cycle)
2. Defect due to non-compliance of the E.C.U system injector control condition, or due to its modification
3. Defects arising from any product modifications, such as shape modification or adding parts.
4. Defects caused by bad fuel or contaminated fuel
5. When the Lot No. of the product cannot be determined
6. Defects caused by user’s careless handling, repair delays, accident, or natural disaster

[4] Obligations of the product owner
1. The product must be used within the range of warranty and distance mileage described in the warranty regulations.
2. In case of any defect related to product performance, please contact us and enquire about the warranty.
3. Should you send defective products to our headquarters in Korea, please ensure to send those that are within the warranty period. If the defective product sent is no longer within the warranty period or if the Lot No. is lost, please note that the defective product will be discarded without any inspection.

[5] Warranty repair execution
1. Upon inspecting the defective product sent to our headquarters, we will fill out a claim report. If it is found that the defective products are out of warranty period during inspection, please note they will be disposed without any further inspection.
2. When delivering defective products within the warranty period to the headquarters, please provide us with a brief description of the defect and Lot No.
3. The replacement parts will be the same specifications as the defective part you have sent. If you are requesting a change in specifications for the replacement part, please inform us of the required product specification.

■ If there are any differences in interpretation between the stipulations described in this warranty, we will process them according to our judgment.
■ We will treat the warranty described above in good faith.